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More Comments From My Students...

My name is Roy Insco founder of My Success Center® and I would like to applaud Michael Glaspie on a JOB WELL DONE!!

See You At The Top,

Roy Insco
MSC Founder

Dear Michael,

I can't tell you how excited I am after listening to your seminar today. The amount of marketing information that you provided was incredible!

Linda Faistl Lassen
evisionLink.com emember


I'd like to thank you for your free conference... your advice on banners was 1000% percent bang on.

Before the seminar, I was getting ZERO hits on my banners, not one in thousands of impressions. I followed your advice, and I made them scream out "Look here!" "Look here!" with tacky glow in the dark neon flashing colors and I made sure to promote the FREE services that I offer at www.life2web.com and guess what? I'm getting HITS!

I literally took one existing banner that was VERY informative, with the word FREE already in it, which had ZERO hits and added a flashing strobe effect to the beginning and end of the banner and I instantly got hits on it!

Your experience has proven invaluable to me, I don't think I could have even paid for these types of secrets, people just aren't willing to share this type of information if they want you to pay them to advertise for you. THANKS.

David Lelievre


I listened to the seminar today - GREAT! You gave so much info my head is still hurting.

I must say that the information you gave was 100 times more than I have gathered over the last six months running around the net like a headless chicken.

I have been cautious about getting a web page hosted for some of the reasons you mentioned but now I will start earning at last following your advice.



Great seminar, LOADED with lots of info. Thanks!

Richard Mazza

Hello Michael,

First of all I would like to say that the seminar was outstanding!

I am new to the internet e-commerce, and marketing arenas and I have been totally lost the last few months. I have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to promote my sites and get more paying customers/prospects. With so many sites out there trying to sell their "Internet Marketing secrets" it was very refreshing to hear your seminar in the laid back, honest and concise way it was presented. I feel that you have lifted the veil on how to market on the internet properly and have given me some real insights on the subject. Thank you!

Terrance Quezaire
Independent Representative
Excel Communications Inc./Cognigen Networks Inc.


Dear Mike,

...Anyone who has not employed these marketing wonders to their site yet just isn’t serious about being at the top of their game.


Kenneth A. Kudra
Founder of www.Marketing-News-Living_Classifieds.com

Hi, Michael:

I'm so glad that I listened to your seminar! I have listened to several of these kinds of seminars, on different subjects. Almost in all cases, they only give general concepts, which you often can find somewhere else for free anyway, left out specific, important details, until you purchase their programs.

But in your seminar, you've covered so much specific detailed information, tips and steps for successful internet marketing and provided great resources that're truly valuable. Thanks a lot!


Dear Mike,

I just have to tell you after 25+years in marketing, over 20 years a factory certified computer tech, I have learned to mute my "know-it-all" attitude. I have been a regional manager with a territory covering the five western provinces of Canada, five northwest states of the U.S., and the Yukon Territory. That covers 1/5 of the north American continent with hundreds of offices. I really thought I had a handle on computing and networking. I learned enough in the first 15 minutes of your seminar to re-evaluate my understanding of the internet. That alone made it worthwhile. Thank you!

Wow, I was looking for a place to trade links with a few good sites when I found you. I didn't realize how important that accidental connection was going to be to my future success. And I need to send this to you expressing my gratitude. You can teach an old dog new tricks (or clicks as in this case!) I'm listening to the seminar again and I assure you this old dog is looking for a few more bones in it as I write!

Again thank you!

Scott Trant
Desert Moon Gallery & Gifts

Hi Mike,

I really enjoyed the seminar. I learned that I must have a more agressive approach to my marketing strategy. Again thanks for all the information you provided. I took 2 pages of notes.


I listen and talk to about a dozen great people who are experts on Internet Marketing. But there is only one expert who consistently gives me info that I take action on--that's Mike Glaspie.

John Pizzuti
Creator & CEO

Hello Mike!

Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar.

I just wanted to let you know that what you're doing is the greatest thing that I've had the opportunity to be involved in. And, I seriously mean that! And incidentally, I just wanted to let you know that joining you in BannerGoMLM actually "saved" me $4500!!! No joke. Just prior to finding about BannersGoMLM from my good friend and associate in Australia, Chris Mather - I was on the hook to purchase banner impressions from another company. And that cost alone was $3900, plus they wanted $100 each to construct six (6) banner ads...for a total of $4500.

Fortunately, I was able to "get out" of this agreement and get the appropriate dollars credited back to my charge cards. Call this a testimonial if you wish, but I have the invoice to prove how "dumb" I almost was. So you see Michael, I'm indeed in your debt....and indeed very appreciative that you are so hospitable about sharing this opportunity. Thanks Again, and have a wonderful day!

JBrooks & Associates, Ltd.

The only thing I can say about your seminar is "unbelievable". It was a pleasure to listen to someone who has his members' interest at heart and who really wants to see them succeed.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, knowledge and expert training.

P. Evans
Hollywood, FL

Hello Mike,

Thank you. The seminar was great. I'm new the the net and don't know a lot about all these things that you had talked about. But I'm eager to learn. Thank you again.

Terry Kivatinos

Hi MIke,

Your seminar impressed the **** out of me!



Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your seminar. It was one of the most informative seminars I've ever listened to. Even though I'm new to Internet Marketing, I have been surfing the net for a number of years. During that time I have learned a lot on my own, but the insider information that was covered during your seminar will propel my marketing efforts to the next level and beyond. I expect my business to explode just by following a couple of ideas and concepts that were introduced to me. Excellent!!

Don Crawford

Hello Mike:

I listened to the seminar and just wanted to say I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I am going to promote this to everyone. Thank you!

Cary S. Hedges

Hi, I listened to the seminar... it was AWESOME!

Kelvin Shaw


You truly are the Guru's Guru. I'm just glad my competitors don't know about you. ;-) I learn more from a few minutes of just listening to you than I have in the past few years trying to figure it out on my own. I'm no newbie, but no one - and I mean No One - knows their stuff like you do! I would *highly recommend* this CD to anyone even remotely serious about making money Online.

Thanks for everything!

Dustin Struckman

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