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Personal Bio of Michael T. Glaspie

Michael T. Glaspie is Chairman and Founder of one of the nationís largest privately held internet service companies.  He started Webnet International as the foundational organization for the development of independent, yet synergistic Internet companies covering the gamut of advertising resources commonly used for effective, targeted web advertising.

Webnet International serves as the parent company to these now widely recognized membership-based web services with a combined membership and subscriber database of nearly 1.5 million. (All of these sites are well under the top 1 percent of all web sites visited on the web.):

  • MySiteInc.com - a unique FREE program enabling both Internet-connected and not-Internet-connected entrepreneurs to tap into the economic Internet boom. 

  • BannersGoMLM.com - Where you get FREE Unlimited Advertising For Life - and a $15 Signing Bonus! The world's fastest growing advertising exchange! The only FREE MLM program that's legal everywhere in the world... No cost! No risk! No downside! Automatically markets itself from your site - Amazing! And It's All FREE! Serving approximately 200 million banners per month.

  • BannerCo-op.com - the first and only advertising co-op featuring a 1:1 exchange on all earned impressions plus CASH for clicks on banners on members' sites! Serving approximately 50 million banners per month.

  • FreeLinksNetwork.com - a powerful FREE traffic generating tool for webmasters in all industries.

  • FreeMarketingInfo.biz / CDFREE.tv - These two sites offer Mr. Glaspie's 68 minute tutorial seminar instructing netpreneurs on effective web site construction, strategies, and marketing methods.

  • IconAlert.com - Michael is currently working on the development and patent of IconAlert™ a software that will provide marketers a method of communicating with their members, customers, and subscribers online without using email, instant messaging, or web sites. A revolutionary and exciting and new way to market online. This technology will be offered on an annual license basis.

  • Zabang.com - (Currently under development) This is a new Tier 1 search engine. Our slogan is: Fast. Relevant. And People love it. Zabang.com will be built from the net up rather than from the MIT crowd down. The first major search engine to give the marketing community the opportunity to get in on the huge pay-per-click industry. Online November 2004.

  • NoBSZone.com - Fast becoming one of the largest "mega-commission" clubs on the net, NoBSZone.com offers all members the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income four different ways... multi-tiered commissions through participation in company-recommended (but only after rigorous due diligence) network marketing opportunities, commissions from bonus programs, multi-tiered commissions from membership in the NoBSZone itself, and commissions from referrals for licensing the IconAlert™ communication platform. NoBSZone.com's revolutionary and exclusive "Matrix Shuffle" system provides a "bottom-up" strategy and ensures all members can be in a paying position in new programs no matter when the member joined the program.

  • MikeGTelecoach.com - A unique opportunity to twice a month consult live with Mike G. A very reasonably priced subscription service providing the client with 30 days free consultation and then the right to cancel anytime. It's hard hitting, remarkable, and powerfully effective for his clients.

Having previously built a telecommunications organization from scratch to an $18 million+ per annum success story, Michael now devotes himself to helping others "figure it out" by teaching hopeful "netpreneurs" how to market any product, service, program or opportunity on the net. 

Michael's direct marketing career has spanned two decades and includes the authorship of four books and three home study courses, including over fifty hours of audio cassette instructional material and twenty hours of live "marketing through technology" bootcamp video recordings. (These $5,500 per seat Marketing Through Technology bootcamps have sold out at each scheduled conference.)

His works, all dealing with the common theme "marketing through technology" include:

  • Hot Wires - Secrets of the 900 Number Industry
  • 1-900-Opportunity
  • Unleash the Entrepreneur Within
  • The Ultimate Money Machine
  • Profits Online
  • How To Cash In On The Internet

Michael has also served in public office as an elected Trustee (two terms) in his home community. And he has served as president of the Michigan Rental Housing Association where he frequently met with legislators in successful efforts to write and pass important legislation affecting rental housing law and practices.

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